Bodyweight training- 5 minutes to an Iron Core.

Who out there doesn’t want to build a core iron?
Everyone wants to build a strong core, but most
go about it the wrong way.

One mistake that many people make is doing
hundreds of crunches and expecting to see a six
pack when they look in the mirror.

Mistake number two is thinking that the latest
ab machine on t.v. will give the answer you
are looking for. It won’t. Save your money.

If you do watch infomercials you will hear
that using their ab machine for 7 minutes a day
with a low-calorie diet will give you the abs you
always dreamed of.

Yeah, do pushups for 7 minutes a day with a
low-calorie diet and you will also get great
results too.

7 minutes is a long time whether you a doing
pushups, or jumping jacks it really doesn’t
matter, 7 minutes can be brutal.

Building an iron core is hard work, the core
needs to be trained to be functional and
not so much for looks.

But if you want to build a strong core you need
to train your core from all angles and eat as natural
as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you have the strongest most
muscular core if it’s hidden under a layer of fat
it won’t matter no one will see them, not even you.

Stay away from junk food. Eat the best you can and
strip away the fat.

Try this 5 minute bodyweight core strengthening workout:

The legs should never touch the ground. Keep’em up.

Start by laying on your back-raise your legs 6 inches,
hold it. Now raise your legs straight up, toward your
your head. Bring them back down. Don’t touch
the floor. Now repeat this for 1 minute.

If you get tired, just rest your legs in the 6 inches position.

Now roll to your side. Keep both legs together. Now you will
work the oblique’s . Keep your legs off the ground and start
raising your legs toward the ceiling. Do this for 1 minute.

Roll to the other side and repeat. Now you have been
doing only 3 minutes of core work.

Roll back to your back and repeat the first exercise
for 1 minute. And finish off with 1 minute of 6 inches.
Simple but very effective.

You can build a strong core, free of charge the only
thing that it will cost is some sweat.

Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks.

Johnny Grube

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