Bodyweight T.V. fitness.

Getting into great physical condition is something
we should all try to do. It has so many great

Using your bodyweight to become physical fit
will ehance your life in so many positive ways.
Not to mention how you will feel after you exercise.

You should always make time for exercise, your
body needs it. And your body will respond in
positive ways.

The great thing about using your own bodyweight
as resistence is that your gym is always with you
there is no excuse.

I don’t care if you start with some walking and
pushups. Can’t do pushups lean aganist a wall
and try pushups. Do something. Anything.

Don’t have time, in front of the t.v. exercise or
if you don’t want to disturb t.v. time try to exercise
on commercials. T.V. commercials can last for 2 to 3
minutes, and that 2 or 3 minutes over time can give
you great results.

If you watch just 1 hour of t.v. (and you probably watch
more) and spend just 2 minutes exercising on commercials
you could wind up with 12 to 18 minutes of total exercise.

Give it a try. Do something. Anything.

Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks!!!

Johnny G

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life it did for me. The Wildman Training
Program will kick your ass. So order it to

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