The secret of the one arm bodyweight

The one arm pushup has always been
a test of bodyweight strength. A lot of
people think that the one-arm pushup
is an arm, shoulder and chest exercise.

Actually the one-arm pushup takes a
full body effort. If you are weak through
out your body doing the one arm pushup
will expose a weakness.

The one-arm pushup is also a core exercise
withouta decent core strength you won’t be able
to do a correct one-arm pushup.

The closer your legs are together the harder
the one-arm pushup will be. The farther apart
the easier.

One way to see how strong you are is to lay
flat on the floor. Keep your legs close together.
Now explode from the floor pushing yourself
up, keeping your shoulders square to the
floor, no body twisting allowed.

Your body should remain straight and tight from
the floor to the pushup position. Now use your
other arm to lower yourself to the floor.

Set up and do it again. Try these for 10 reps keeping
your body straight and tight.

Another one you can try is again start from the floor
explode off the floor now when you lower yourself
back to the floor, stop half way down and hold this
position for a 5 count then lower yourself to the floor
then repeat.

Practice these and you’ll get’em.

Start with your legs wide, as you get stronger start
bringing your legs in closer.

Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks.

Johnny Grube

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