Build strength with the tri-core builder.

Johnny Grube doing Tri-core builders

Bodyweight training is a functional way to get into
the greatest physical shape of your life.

Bodyweight training will build a physical and mental
toughness that weight lifting could never duplicate.

Bodyweight training will make training fun and exciting.
you can change your workouts at a moments notice and
you will never have to worry about a boring workout.

The workouts are up to you. The more simple the better
your results. Physical conditioning is more then running,
biking, jogging, swimming lifting weights it’s a combination
of things.

Physical fitness is being able to bike, jog, run, swim, climb
and do what ever else is needed. In the above video I’m
using two dowel rods as my equipment.

You don’t need anything special. All you need is creativity
and the balls to try things that are different or try things
you don’t understand.

Train Hard,and remember being fat sucks

Johnny G

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