How to build great upper body strength with one exercise.

One of the greatest ways to build strength is to
work as many muscles at one time. The more
muscles you work at one time the stronger
you become and not to mention the high
level of fat you’ll burn.

Building real strength comes from hard work.
Real strength is being able to use your strength
for long periods of time. Being able to use your
strength for only 10 seconds is not real functional

Building functional strength is hard work, it’s a
different type of strength. A strength that is
always useful. One exercise that will build a
high level of functional fitness is the simple
Bear Crawl.

The Bear Crawl will test the strength in your
whole body as well as your level of conditioning.
1 minute of Bear Crawls can put you on your ass.

Try 20 – 5 yard Bear Crawl sprints- Bear Crawl
5 yards, walk back
and repeat. No rest

A great way to build great strength with the Bear
Crawl is find a hill or some steps and Bear Crawl
up the hill or steps backwards, all your weight is
on the upper body.

If any of you seen my you tube video bear crawling
up a hill flipping a 100 lb heavy bag, this is the hill
I do my Bear Crawls on going up backwards takes
about 2:00 minutes then I Bear Crawl back down
and it’s a tough workout.

Doing Bear Crawls this way is a serious strength
builder. Try these yourself walking backwards,
then try to come back down the hill without
stopping it’s tough, but you will build some
great upper body strength.

Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks!

Johnny Grube

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