Should fat people being discriminated against?

The more and more I look around I see more and
more obese people. But how can this be? We have
more knowledge about exercise and nutrition
than ever before.

People exercise more. People are eating better.
How can people still be getting fatter? Because
they are all being fooled into thinking that there
is a special diet or workout program that will
be the answer to all there problems.

The fact is people will continue to get fatter and
sick while waiting around for the magic formula.
Instead of taking responsibility for themselves
they want to leave it up to someone else to get
them the answer.

Obese people are putting a strain on the health
care system they are causing millions of dollars
in medical expense and medications all because
they can’t keep their mouths shut.

Obesity is not a disease. Obesity causes diseases.
These are man made diseases. And with all of our
knowledge we still can’t seem to get it.

Food is not the problem. It’s the people eating the
wrong foods to excess and not exercising.

I read an article that there is a man who is suing
the fast food restaurants because he got fat. Now,
is this man stupid ? Or just looking for a payday.

It’s the same as a man that smokes for 30 years
and develops lung cancer and sues the tobacco
companies because he got sick.

These people need to take responsibility for their
actions, they get fat because they have no self-respect
for themselves.

It’s come down to fat people feeling that they are being
discriminated against.

Did you know that it’s a fact that a lean person will usually
get picked for a job before someone overweight.

If I’m an employer and I obese person waddles into my
office first thing I’m thinking this person probably gets
sick more, will miss more days, and it will cost me a
fortune in medical insurance.

I’m not talking about someone who is 10 lbs overweight
I’m talking about people 50 lbs overweight or more.

A couple of things that can be done easily to eliminate

1. One thing is to stop using food for recreational use.
Food should be used when it’s needed, not for social

2. Food should not be eaten when your stressed, you
will eat more and it’s usually high in fat and processed.

3. Plan your days better, always keep healthy snacks with
you. ( fruit, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables etc.)

4. Always drink lots of water.

These simple tips will help you drop off the pounds quick.

The Bear Crawl and one arm pushup workout:.

Find a open space football field, soccer field, or even a
few yards will do.

Lay on the ground one hand behind your back. From
the ground pushup using one arm. Lower yourself
slowly to the ground switch arms and repeat.

Bear Crawl for 10 to 20 steps. Lay on the ground do
another one pushup. Lower yourself slowly and switch

Bear Crawl another 10 to 20 steps. Repeat this for the
length of a football field or soccer field alternating arms.

No – Rest

Walk back, start again and start over- repeat for 3 to 5 sets.

This is a great strength builder. Try it and let me know.

If you want to burn fat and build lean muscle check out
“The Wildman Training Program or Course”

Train Hard, And remember being fat sucks.

Johnny Grube

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