Lose weight with the all day snacking diet.

What how will I lose weight by snacking all day?

The reason that most people get fat is because of
over eating not enough exercise and lack of planning,
and, oh yeah excuses.

Most people are stressed out, go a long time without
eating and then when they can’t handle it anymore
that stop and grab the first nasty, fat filled, greased up
food they can find.

Now most food you grab on the go has so many
calories in it that sometimes you will get the
recommended number of calories you need for
the day in one meal.

If you take in 2,000 calories and 40 grams of fat
at a fast food restaurant there Is no way you can
burn that off that day.

Then go home later and eat another 1,000 to
1,500 calories and then have your evening
cocktail with is even adding extra calories.
Then go to bed and start over again the next
day. It’s no wonder you gained 60 extra
pounds last year.

Bad eating habits, stress and no exercise and
excuses equals long term disaster, physically
and mentally.

One thing you can do that will guarantee success
is to snack on healthy foods during the day.
vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and some dry
fruit and always carry water with you and drink
a lot of it.

Always carry healthy snacks with you when you
travel or in your day to day activities, so when
you get hungry you’ll always be prepared.

There is no excuses most grocery stores carry
small bags of fruit and vegetables. But, if you do
need to stop for lunch stop by a grocery store
not your local convenience store. Buy some
fresh fruit and vegetables it will only cost you a
couple of dollars and it fill you up. You will
have more energy all day long and it will
save you a ton of money.

This is a fail safe system if you eat this way add
a few minutes of bodyweight exercises in during
the day, there is no way you won’t feel better and
start to strip away unwanted body fat.

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Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks.

Johnny Grube

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