Being fat will actually save you money over the course of your life.

Being fat will actually save you money over the course
of your life.

Did I hear right, being fat will save me money in the
long run. Yup up heard it right. I picked up some
vegan magazine and read an article that actually
said that if you stay healthy and fit and live longer
that it will cost you more money over the course of
your life.

The author also talked about if you are obese that
you won’t live as long so it will cost you less in
medical expense’s over the course of your life.

So this author, or expert wants you to think that
if you take care of yourself it will cost you more then
if you are obese.

This is the kind of information that these fat people
want to hear. These lazy ass fat people would love
to hear this. So the negative of being obese is now
turned to a positive.

These are the experts that people are getting their
Information from and this is why most are confused
and fat.

The good thing that this article is in a vegan magazine
and the chances of a fat person reading this is far and

I thought some of you might have liked to have heard
about this crazy article. I really think most experts are
way off the mark. The more and more I read what other
fitness professionals say and their opinions it really
pisses me off because people believe this stuff.

Most fat people will give you 100 different excuses as
to why they are fat, and why they can’t lose weight. So
when I read an article like the one I talked about it gives
the fat a reason to stay fat.

I know I’m wasting my time when someone asks me
what they can do to lose weight and I tell them what
they can do and they tell me they can’t do that. O.K.
then don’t ask again.

I had a guy ask me what he could do to build his arms and
lose his stomach,” I said” How do you eat, and do you drink
He said he doesn’t drink, but he didn’t tell me he eats four
Reese peanut butter cups a day. I never gave him an answer.

I had a friend that asked me what he can do to lose weight and
to control his diabetes I gave him some things he could do and
later that night he ordered a cheese steak for lunch.

Basically I’m ranting because of that article and it really pissed
me off.

The workout: 30 minute jump rope workout.

Pick any 5 different bodyweight exercises. I’ll give you an example
Jumping Jacks.
Flutter kicks.
Squat Thrusts.

Jump rope for 1 minute- Jumping Jacks for 1- minute repeat
until you do all 3 sets of Jumping Jacks and 3 sets of
Jumping rope.
Total 6 minutes.

Move to the next exercise and continue non-stop until all
exercises are complete when you are done you will have
15 minutes of jumping rope and 15 minutes of bodyweight

This is a tough workout and you will sweat and burn fat

Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks.

Johnny Grube

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