The 2,600 lb car pull!!!

The 2,600 lb car pull!!!

Johnny Grube using only his arms to drag a 2,600 lb car.

The reason I show these types of video’s is to
show how effective bodyweight training is.

I haven’t touched a weight in over 10 years and
I keep my workouts short and intense, and only
test myself every couple of months.

Not to long ago I tested myself by running 10 miles
and doing 1,000 pushups non-stop in 1 hour and
50 minutes, and I don’t run for distance.

The bodyweight exercises are just one secret. Most
so called guru’s or arm chair so called fitness guy’s-
you know the one’s that bash people on forums will
tell you that there are NO secrets- THERE ARE !!!

Believe it or not. Is it easy ? My answer; It’s never
easy. If it was easy everyone would be lean and mean
but most men are fat and soft.

So believe what you want, I can care less but the few
people that have trained under me can do incredible

Train Hard, and if your soft and weak it’s your fault !

Johnny Grube

P.S. Try REAL course’s that where developed by a REAL
MAN. Not a course put together by a wannabe.


  1. I’m with you brother. I too am weight free for almost a year. I have never been stronger or more muscular. Short intense bodyweight sessions are the answer. I am a true believer. I do daily workouts from the wildman training course and the super strength manual. I’ll never go back to weights. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the pull up manual. LJS

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