Bodyweight training for
over-all fitness and athletic

The Wildman Training program is by far the
most hard-core training program available.

The Wildman Training program has only
20 bodyweight exercises and 81 different

No other program offers this many different
workouts, for the price.

Train Hard, and remember if your fat and weak it’s your fault.

Johnny Grube


  1. Hey Johnny…cool site and blog.

    I just wanted to comment after reading a lot of your site and blog posts.

    I can relate to your story about lifting weights and being fat. When you said that you switched to bodyweight and lost 85lbs…that struck a cord with me.

    You see….all my life I was always the HUGE kid. All the way up until college. 315lbs was the last weight I remember seeing on the scale. I decided I didn’t want to “die” anymore and I began to do something about it.

    I had NO knowledge of getting fit and the only thing I had available was some full body workout TAPES from my sister (haha). But the cool thing is, is that I got over what people thought about me and just did the workouts on a 4×6 foot rug in my college dormroom. 11 months later I had dropped 130 lbs!

    I felt great and was no longer embarassed about how I looked…or the fact that I did the “FIRM” tapes to work out…it’s all I knew at the time. They were basically 45-60 min long workouts with tons of bodyweight movements…and some limited (girly) weights. But mostly bodyweight.

    Anyway, a little while later I thought I should kick it up a notch and add in weights and the “body builder” mentality of eating. You know, body part splits, 6 meals a day, etc, etc.

    Well…I thought I was “strong”…but I mostly just ended up fat and burned out. I got back up to about 225-240 range and have been stuck ever since. Always wondering why “it wasn’t working for me”.

    Well….I’ve been thinking about getting into bodyweight workouts again since that’s what worked for me before. Then I find your site through YouTube and it lit a spark in me again.

    If you can do it…and I can do it…then I can do it AGAIN! haha

    One question….the only thing I’ve seen you mention about nutrition is to eat “as natural as possible”. I’m curious what you mean by that?

    Thanks for the cool site and that straight up “being fat sucks” mentality. It’s the truth!


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