Do you have a little time for big results?

In todays world time is important and we all
have the same time everyday, and it’s up to
you to do what is most important.

The one thing that most do is neglect their
health and fitness. And the number #1 answer
is no time.

This is and always will be an excuse. But if you
are serious and really want to improve your
level of fitness in the shortest possible time
you have to start thinking outside the box.

Bodyweight training is the fastest way to
incredible stamina, strength and rapid fat

Simplicity is the key, keeping it simple will
bring the quickest results. Just like nutrition
keep it simple, don’t read to much into it
and get big results.

Pick a bodyweight exercise that will work
a lot of muscles at one time and this will cut
your workout time.

Try exercising a minute at a time, this works.
Try doing pushups 1 minute at a time or
jumping jacks and keep track how many times
a day you can squeeze in one minute.

Train Hard, and remember if your fat and weak it’s your fault.

Johnny Grube

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