We live in a land of the fat and weak….

Before I give this weeks newsletter I need to
know how many of you really read and do the
workouts I give to you in these newsletters ?
I know some of you do because I get great
feedback, but what about the rest of you?

The reason I ask is there is no reason to
subscribe to a newsletter if you won’t use
the information. If you want to learn to
swim you need to swim if you want to learn how
to ride a bike you need to get on a bike
and if you want to be fit you need to sweat.

Today when I was out I was in a store and
the woman cashier was so fat her belly
was on the counter, I’m not kidding, belly
on the counter.

How does this happen ? Well, I know how
it happened- but why do we look the other way?
How bad is it when you need to rest your belly on the
counter. Or how about the overweight people in the
supermarket riding the store scooters and buying candy.
And if you stare your being rude.

I have a saying, “only listen to the people that get results”.
I wouldn’t listen to a fat doctor who told me how to lose
weight I won’t go to a dentist with bad teeth and I
wouldn’t ask a bum where I should Invest $10,000

This is what most people do, they listen to the so called
experts with PHD or MD in front of their name even
though they have three chins. Be careful and live your
life healthy and fit and be a role model.

If you think these are things I make up look around
some time and tell me if it doesn’t look like the
circus is in town.

Last weeks email talked about what I think the king
of all conditioning exercises is and if you combine
the burpee with hill sprints you will be in for a
workout that will have you huffing and puffing

If you don’t have hills try stairs, Do 10 burpees-
sprint the hill or steps walk down, as soon as you
reach the bottom do 9 then 8 and so on until
you get down to 1.

Try and do this for 15 minutes and if you get
to 1 before the time limit, start back
up the latter. Push yourself. Don’t quit.

Train Hard, and remember if you are fat
and weak it’s your fault.

Johnny Grube

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John Grube B.C.S. F.F.S is an expert on the subject
of bodyweight training and real functional fitness.
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  1. It’s sad to see people who are so fat. I don’t know whether to feel anger, pity or sympathy for them. I suppose each individual will have a story to tell, and whilst it’s easy to make on the spot judgements, we shouldn’t.

  2. Johnny Grube says

    Being overweight is the
    reason our health care
    system is out of control.

    Being fat sucks and it’s
    their responsibility to
    control their own lives.

    As long as we look at
    obesity as an epidemic
    it always will be.

    The fat need to put down
    the fork and exercise,
    bottom line.

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