Bodyweight Training and the power of 15 minutes.

So what’s the power of 15? It’s 15 minutes of hard work.
Anybody can go to a gym and workout for 45 minutes to
an hour but few can go hard for 15 minutes giving it all
they got.

In 15 minutes a lot can happen. You can run over 2 miles
You could do 400 to 500 bodyweight squats. You could
do 300 to 500 pushups or 200 to 250 burpees.

You could use 2 to 3 different exercises and go all out for
15 minutes going from exercise to the other with little or
no rest.

If you just picked 3 exercises bodyweight squats, pushups
and situps and trained hard for 15 minutes you could wind
up with 250 bodyweight squats, 250 pushups and 200 situps.
all that in only 15 minutes. You need to train explosive to get
explosive results you push hard and get it over with, and feel
you accomplished something for the day.

As simple as this sounds it works and has been test by lots of
different people and has yet to fail as a matter of fact the only
reason it would fail is if you never tried it.

The Wildman Training program has been tested for fast results
and has never failed. It will actually turn back the clock. But it
does come with a price. Hard work and sweat.

So see what you can do in 15 minutes and let me know.

Train Hard, and if your fat and weak it’s your fault.

Johnny Grube

John Grube B.C.S. F.F.S is an expert on the
subject of bodyweight training and real
functional fitness. He has over 25 years
of training experience and is the author
of The Wildman Training Program manual ,
The New Expanded version The Wildman
Training Course and The Super Strength
Playground Training Manual. The Heavy Bag ,
Picnic Table and Car Training manual You can
also go to
and his blog for video updates For more


  1. I just did 15 mins of Hindu squats and hindu pushups yesterday. I totalled 250 hindu squats and 150 hindu pushups. I finished with a 1:30 neck bridge hold followed by approx. 45 sec handstand hold. Felt great afterwards and I will continue to use this principle in the future!!!

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