15 minutes of bodyweight training will whip you into shape.

The power of 15 minutes is something that works. I don’t
care how fit you are or how unfit you are. The power of
15 will work for anyone willing to take the time.

If you can’t manage 15 minutes a day you are wasting
my time and I have no sympathy for you. In the last
blog I talked about the power of 15 minutes and had
some people email me and let me know what they
accomplished, and they all win because they actually
did it.

On Thursday I did 500 bodyweight squats in 10:51
today I did 1,000 jumping jacks in 11:54 not bad
for a time limit workout.

I usually pick a number reps in a certain amount of time
and do what ever in possible to complete that number
of reps. If I finish early great if not I keep going.

Train Hard, if you are fat and weak it’s your fault.

Johnny Grube

P.S. The Wildman Training Program is the best of
it’s kind for results!!!


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