Bodyweight training for explosive power.

Most expert will have you believe that slow
controlled movements are how you build
physical fitness.

The truth is that every activity that is done
on a day to day basis is always explosive; it’s never
slow and controlled.

This is how most people wind up getting hurt
on the job. They use a controlled movement
and when the body has to do something out
of the ordinary, like bend over they hurt
their back.

Training explosive is almost always the
most effective way to physical fitness.

Name any sport that doesn’t require
explosive type movements and I will
tell you it ain’t a sport.

Listen to all the fitness gurus you want
and read all the health and fitness magazines
to find the answer, take all the supplements
you can stomach and very few will help
unless you are training your body for real

Bodyweight training will build an explosive
body if you are man or women enough to
train hard and sweat, it’s not easy; but will
give you results that most will never have
because it’s to hard and most just want to
go through the motion.

Train Hard, and if your fat and weak it’s your fault.

Johnny Grube

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