I’m calling out the booze drinking trainers.

I’m calling out the booze drinking trainers.

This goes out to the gurus who are out there
preaching the healthy lifestyle that are out
there drinking booze and living unhealthy

Let’s put it this way I know for fact that this
goes on. I’ve seen it. And it happens all the

As a matter of fact I know that while their
at the gym they are talking about going out
and partying.

Yeah, nothing like your trainer telling you
what you need to do to be healthy yet can’t
live it themselves.

Hey, there’s more to fitness and health then
wash board abs and spandex. You want to
see wash board abs find a crack addict and
check out his abs. Is he healthy and fat ?

Before you go telling people how they should
live to be healthy you might want to take your
own advice.

Hey, I welcome the comments from the pissed
off trainers. Bring it brother.

Train Hard, And if your stupid and drunk it’s your fault.

Johnny Grube


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