Building a super-human level of fitness at home.

What can you find around your house or garage to
help you build a level of fitness that would choke
the fittest athletes.

I thrive on being able to train using little or no
equipment and have gotten almost super-human
type results.

First let me explain what I mean when I say super-human.
If you compare this type of training and the results you get
compared to normal men and women you see in the gym
you will look super-human.

The outdoors is your gym. Your surroundings are your
gym. Your bodyweight is your gym. Training in different
environments and switching up your training almost on
a daily basis will keep your results moving.

If you just look around and use your imagination you
will always find something new. Instead of running on
a track or street go off road. Instead of running on
flat land look for the hills.

A mile of running hills are a lot more challenging then
running on flat land. Run and sprint off road, look for
trails to do some training. Do sprints then some walking
then do more sprints.

Look for trees to do some climbing or do some pull-ups.
use different size branches put one hand higher then
the other hand, and build a lot of functional strength.

Ride a bike and find places to train or use your bike and
do some bike sprints or ride the hills and always keep

Look for parks you can use. Use a jump rope and build
world class endurance. Got a back pack ? Put some
weight in there and carry it with you when you go
off road to hit the trails.

Put on a back pack and do some bear crawls, you want
to talk about functional strength, try keeping this on your
back without it shifting from one side to another.

These are just some ways to train and there are a million more
and “The Wildman Training Program or course will always kick
you in the ass.

Train Hard, If you are fat and weak it’s your fault.

Johnny Grube


  1. Charles Long says

    Since I started working out outside, I love it. Indoors doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s how I used to work out. Now if there’s a blizzard or something and I can’t get out, it just doesn’t seem right.

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