Pushing your body to super-human limits.

How do you train ? Do you just go through the
motion ? Do you push yourself through the
pain or do you give up when it gets tough ?

If you want to be at a level rarely attained by
most athletes you need to go beyond the
pain. I’m not talking injury pain, I’m talking
about muscular pain.

Most men have no idea what pushing themselves
through pain means. It means going where you
have never gone before, physically and mentally.

Being an athlete or being involved in some sort
of martial arts my whole life, most men stop short
because of discomfort and mental weakness.

At the first sign of muscular failure most will stop and
take a break. Instead of pushing harder and farther
they give up. These are not the people I want watching
my back. I want people who will go and go and go some

If you want strength that can be used at any time you
train and you train hard. If you are or ever have been
involved in sports you work hard and you do whatever
it takes to win. No one likes losers or quitters.

You need to put pain aside and push on. You need
a never give up attitude. To many men and women
make excuses as to why they are weak and fat, and
there is probably no hope for these people.

To many men and women are on some kind of drug
to control stress, pain, blood pressure, etc, these people
are weak. Stop making excuses and control your own
life and start to lead, instead of being a follower.

Lets see what you can do to push beyond your current
fitness level: Pick one exercise and push yourself for 15
minutes and do whatever it takes to complete the 15
minutes with little of no rest.

You know what let me pick the exercise’s. You can
pick from 1 of 3.

Bodyweight squats.
Popups ( non- jumping burpees)

Do the squats going only parallel.
Do the Burpees and Popups without a pushup.

I think you need to test your level of fitness at least
once a week. And when you do push hard and
and do whatever it takes to finish.

To show you what I mean last week I did 760 squats
in 15 minutes. Today I did 808 in 15 minutes. I wanted
it and I got it. Hard yes, But got it done.

Train Hard, if you are fat and weak its your fault.

Johnny Grube

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  1. I agree you have to test your endurance and push yourself to the next level. When you stay comfortable, you wind up slacking off. If you continue to challenge yourself, fitness remains fun.

  2. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  3. Milo Jeter says

    Let me tell you something,
    I am am a man of mature years(57 )I do my routine(body weight in a gym here in Huntsville Alabama. I was there the other day and three guys came in to lift weight. One of them was only 19 years old. They put about 30lbs of weight on the bar. This 19 year old kid started to lift. He could not lift that weigh for five reps. I asked if I could try. I did 25 and could have done more if I wanted to. The guys he was with were amazed and he was embarrassed. I laughed my ass off!

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