Fitness for real men

Fitness for real men

It’s no secret that I trained with weights for years. And
I really thought I was strong. A 600 lb squat with no
belts or wraps and ass to the floor. I was push pressing
285 lbs over head, leg pressing 800-900 lbs and hip belt
lifting 1,200 lbs etc.

I thought I was strong. Found out that the strength was only
good in the gym. It never made me a better athlete. And I
was already a pretty good athlete. I put on weight and got
slower and had no explosive power.

For the last 13 years I’ve use bodyweight only type exercises
and have gotten back my youth. I’m a better athlete than
ever before. I started to train like an athlete. I started to
do the type of training that will keep you fast and strong.

I no longer care about bulk and extra weight. As a matter of fact
I suggest you don’t put on extra weight it will only come back to
bite you in the ass.

A fast work out you can do, that will test your fitness.

1x 50 dips
1x 25 burpees
1x 100 bodyweight squats
1x 100 pushups

Try and complete it in 5 to 6 minutes.

You need to do these as fast and as explosive as possible
with NO REST.

Train Hard, And if you are fat and weak it’s your fault.

Johnny Grube

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And you will never be the same.

P.S.S If anyone would like to shoot me an email subjects
of interest let me know.


  1. I’d like to hear your thoughts on how to build up to high repetition sets of calisthenics, e.g. 100+ push-ups, 20+ pull-ups, 25+ dips, etc.

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