Use Bodyweight training anywhere, anytime.

The great thing about using your bodyweight for
resistance is that it’s portable and free. The
type of workouts you get when you use your
own bodyweight are amazing and will produce
results that you will be proud of.

It’s not easy to use your own bodyweight as
resistance. Using your own bodyweight is

You can use your bodyweight anywhere, any-
time and get an ass- kicking workout that will
build lean muscle and burn fat off in a short

Using your own bodyweight will build an
athletic body along with athletic ability.
Want proof, Try this .

Grab a dumbbell with about half of what
you could normally do. Lie on a bench and
do a one arm dumbell press and keep the
other arm across your chest.

Now get down on the ground. Lie flat. Put
one arm on the ground and the other behind
your back. Now push from the floor into a
pushup position.

It will take more overall strength to the one-
arm pushup then to do a one dumbbell press.

Train Hard, If you are fat and weak it’s your fault.

Johnny Grube


  1. Bodyweight training is the best. I have done about 16 yrs of powerlifting total and 5 yrs of body weight training total, and body weight is way better.

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