The Time is NOW!!!

The Time is NOW!!!

There will never be a better time
to start training then now. We
live in a world where we sit on
our asses all day long and get
nothing done.

Your health and fitness should
always be priority, it should
come first.

Why do I say health and fitness
should be the number 1 priority ?
Because you can’t help or take care
of anyone if you are sick and

So many young men and women
are under the impression that
the way they are is the way they
are, and these are the same
people that will always make
excuses about their situation.

I talk to a lot of men who ask
me what they can do to have
more energy and loss weight,
while they are drinking a bottle
of coke.

Stop with the stupid questions
and look in the mirror.

Train Hard, If your fat and weak it’s your own fault.

Johnny Grube

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