Dig down deep for unbelievable conditioning

Dig down deep for unbelievable conditioning

How many man or women really dig down deep
when they train ? Most people in the gym will
tell you they train hard, and to them and most
other people that train in the gym, they do
train hard.


Well, from personal experience very few train
hard and just because you break a sweat
doesn’t mean your training hard. I’ve seen people
get out of breath warming up for 5 minutes.

Some people do sweat more then others, but
come on, 5 minutes should only be a warm up.

In my opinion if you are going to exercise,
exercise like you mean it. Exercise like
you want it.

Before you train you should always have
a set time or number of reps you want to
accomplish for that workout. If you set
this little goal everyday I promise you will
do what ever it takes to get it done.

You will be able to accomplish more in
a shorter period of time and this means
better results on a regular basis.

Try this jump rope workout:

Pick 2 exercises, for this example we will
use pushups and crunches

Jump rope 50 times- then do 10- 12 pushups
then do 10- 12 crunches- get right back up
and repeat for 20 minutes.

See how many sets you can do in 20 minutes.
Work as fast and as hard as possible.

Train Hard, If you are fat and weak it’s your fault.

Johnny Grube


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