Beware of celebrity fitness guru's

Beware of celebrity fitness guru’s

There was a time when trainers were in better shape then
the people they train. This is no longer the case the more
and more I look I see overweight trainers training people
how to lose weight and can’t seem to do it themselves.

There was trainer I seen on MTV ( I won’t say his name )
training a women how to lose weight. This guy has a belly
and double chin and he’s a fitness icon, amazing.

I did more research thinking it’s got to be the clothes he
was wearing or some explanation, there was not. he is
really fat. Do I care ? Yes people that walk the walk and
talk the talk should be held accountable.

So what I’m saying is don’t listen to advice from someone
fatter then you.

Train Hard, and remember if your fat and weak it’s your own fault.

Johnny Grube


  1. I dunno abou this. Angelo Dundee wasn’t much to look at, and I don’t know if he could box his way out of a phone booth himself. But what an exceptional, talented coach he was! I think we get caught up with the idea that if a coach LOOKS the part he must be good at imparting knowledge. Not necessarily true, in my opinion. Sure, it’s motivational to see a coach who is not a hypocrite, and who acts as he preaches. But I would not confuse the ‘shell’ with the ‘kernel’, i.e. the outside form of a man tells little about how good a teacher, instructor, or physical training coach he may be. Just my opinon.

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