Get tough and stay tough!!!!

Get tough and stay tough!!!!

We need physical and mental toughness to get ahead
and to push forward to build a life we are proud of.

This is where most everyone falls short, we have a
shortage of tough men and women. Today’s men
and women are just physically and mentally weak.

To many men and women make to many excuses
and will tell you they had a rough life, how bad
their child hood was and how mommy and daddy
didn’t love them. Well, when do you decide you are
in charge and you can be how you want.

Everyone has problems. But very few deal with their
problems, as a matter of fact every problem now has
a pill and all you do is have to ask.

And this is not an opinion, if you ask most men and women
they will tell you that they take some type of pill for
either a physical problem or mental problem. So why
are so many men and women this way ?

Because they want other people to feel sorry for them.
Don’t tell me how hard life is, deal with it – and move on,
getting tough and staying tough is the only way to really
survive or you can sit around making excuses and take

If we all just take responsibility for our lives and stop crying,
whining and complaining your physical and mental health will
improve and that means your whole life will change.

Workout: Bear crawl and heavy bag or sand bag and 10 yards
the bag 3 to 5 times as fast as possible – Shoulder
the heavy bag and run it 10 yards – Put the bag
down and repeat this workout for 10 to
15 non stop minutes – switching shoulders

each time.
a high level of functional fitness.

Train Hard and if you are fat and weak it’s your own damn fault

Put the bag on the ground – Bear crawl around

This workout is a full body workout that will build

Johnny Grube

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