Fat Beer belly men, Ya gotta love it

Fat Beer belly men, Ya gotta love it

This is what a lot of men aspire to look like.
Why because drinking beer is cool and taste
good after a hard days work.

The way we are going we are going to eat and drink
ourselves into an early grave. And worst part is most
don’t really care.

Everyone seems to think that drinking is cool and o.k.
and I’m hear to tell you that it does no one any good.

I don’t care if you tell me that the research says a
drink a day is good for you. Why is it good for you?

Because it’s made from barley, hops, yeast and water?
It dehydrates the body. When the body becomes
dehydrated it becomes acidic. Is having an acidic body
good or bad?

I take what research says with a grain of salt. Most are
on the take. They find and do what they are paid to do
by these billion dollar companies. They make the claims
these companies want to be made.

Booze wrecks peoples lives and always will. If it’s o.k. to
drink why not smoke.There’s some research that will tell you
that cigarette’s may or may not cause health problems.

What about drugs? Why not snort a little nose candy ( cocaine )
once in a while is o.k.

We need to stop being morons and start living a little cleaner
and start to turn this sick and obese country around before
it’s to late.

Get tough and stay tough!!

Johnny Grube


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