The Deck Of Death





The Deck Of Death

This is a simple but very effective training
routine that you can use any type of bodyweight
exercise to kick your ass in to an almost super
human level of fitness.

Bodyweight training is a love for me. I love everyday
I get to train. Why ? Because I constantly get better.
The standard exercises most use are bodyweight squats
and pushups. But it can be made almost impossible with
an exercise like a burpee.

It works this way each face card is 10 ( Kings, Queens, Jacks)
Ace can be 10 or 15 and all other cards are face value 10 is 10
a 9 is 9 reps you could double all cards whatever you want.

Try this use the Burpee and try to go through the whole
deck as fast as possible see how long you can go without
a rest.

This is a very intense workout.

Get tough and Stay tough!!

Johnny Grube

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level of fitness get the ” The Wildman Training
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  1. Not quite sure what this involves Johnny. What do you do with the deck?

  2. this is an awesome work out – you shuffle the pack and turn over a card and do however many reps of the card turned over.

    I do it
    Hearts:- Sit ups
    Diamonds:- Squats
    Clubs:- Press ups
    Spades:- lunges

    In fact you can do any exercise………..

    Whenever I get a red suite I do doube so for example 4 of hearts I would do 8 sit ups. The Ace card is 21 of whatever exercise for that suite and the joker is your burpees and do 20 of them.

    Its a really good all over body work out 🙂

  3. this is what we did lots of times in the joint. GOOD STUFF!

  4. BodyweightReallyIsBetter says

    Very cool idea Johnny! Gonna try this tonight for sure.

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