4 Minutes Of Isometrics

Another Anti Gym Workout. Isometrics might bore you it’s because you’re misinformed on the benefits.

The strongest men today and of the past used Isometrics to build superhuman levels of strength. Don’t believe me?

How can guys with little muscle mass do amazing feats of strength?


I will continue to promote Isometrics as a way to get strong and conditioned.


Wearing a 30 lb Back Pack hold the Isometric Horse Stance for 1 minute. Drop down and lower into a mid push up hold arms at a 90° angle or parallel for 1 minute

2 Rounds 4 minutes total most men can NOT handle these simple effective exercises.

This workout is tough without any weight, but adding a 30 lb Back Pack makes it brutal.

Most don’t understand that the 4 minutes of muscle under tension is more than guys that go to the gym for 30 minutes.

Johnny Grube


  1. I tested it myself, brutal as fuck!!

  2. My madness wanted me to do two more rounds at that time of testing it out.

  3. Definitely going to give this a run

  4. Appalachian WildMan! says

    Isometric exercises are best for building strength and endurance! Try a Samson chair with your ass below parallel for legs that never ever tire! Awesome post as usual Mr. Grube

  5. Appalachian Wild man my right knee doesn’t go below parallel I gotta work with what I have.

  6. Anthony Romayo says

    On top of everything else it’s great to combine upper and lower together. I get a great workout with isometric exercise. Im gonna try this idea. Thanks Johnny Grube.

  7. @Grube:
    is it because of the weight lifting you did earlier or the high reps? or a combination of both?

    i also have knee problems, but sprinting is fine.

  8. Isometrics, the longer the hold, the higher the intensity of the BURN!!!

  9. These are great! Well done Johnny, as always. I’ve combined “holding a baby” with the horse stance to balance and also work my chest and arms. I picked that one up from Solitary Fitness years ago.

  10. Troy, 3 knee surgeries years ago, combined with heavy squats. I can do hill sprints, but flat surface sprints not to good.

  11. They are tough and effective.

  12. @Grube, thanks!
    yeah, heavy squats suck. but nowadays everybodys promoting them. as if there are no older lifters who can tell their story of injury.
    good health to your knee!

  13. Another tough isometric I did before going to sleep:
    2 min push up hold
    2 min horse stance hold
    Used my backpack as extra resistance.

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