Do you really need commercial supplements?

Do you really need commercial supplements?




Do you think you really need
to spend all your hard earned
money on supplement after

The fact is if you eat enough of
the right foods and live as healthy
as possible you would not have to
spend money on these supplements
that promise you a new amazing

Most people think that every new
supplement is going to build big
muscles and flatten their stomach
in record time.

I think some supplements should
be used if you don’t eat right and
I think a good protein powder is
good for a meal replacement. But
nothing is as effective then good
old fashioned food and exercise.

Get Tough, Stay Tough
Johnny Grube


  1. Extremely few people actually understand nutrition, so let me spit out some basics. First of all, the digestive system did not evolve with Vitamin C in mind. Nutrition as a field of study was developed to understand deficiency diseases like beriberi and scurvy. Therefore, up to a few years ago, amazingly enough! everyone has equated nutrition with MICROnutrition. Uh oh, some kid spoke up and declared that the emperor was naked! You can’t fully understand MICROnutrition unless you first grasp MACROnutrition.

    The digestive systems of all creatures who have them are meant to digest and absorb macronutrients. There are exactly 3 macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates and lipids (fats and oils). These are what fuels your body and are measured in kilocalories. Micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, etc., are incidentals. They get absorbed only because they are released when the macros get digested and absorbed alongside them. Macronutrient requirements are pretty fairly consistent across the animal kingdom, but micronutrient requirements vary widely depending on “natural” diet.

    Thus, if you eat real food, ie, homemade biology-based food, arranged in a traditional cultural diet, and stay away from industrial processed food, you get all the micronutrients you need. If you do supplement your diet with pills, you must take them WITH food. Otherwise, the pill sits in you stomach unnoticed until you do eat. Remember, you stomach is waiting for MACRO NOT MICROnutrients.

    Protein supplements are good but you can overdo it. If your urine is frothy, well, that’s where you $40 went — literally down the pot. Excess protein is eliminated by the kidneys and it’s very hard on them. It makes the urine foamy. Taking a protein supplement with or near a high protein meal is not just a waste of money, but it’s unhealthy and can cause kidney failure if you do it repeatedly, just like sugar supplements, AKA soda, sweets etc., are unhealthy if you overdo them.

  2. Thanks for the comment and your expertise Steve.

  3. BodyweightReallyIsBetter says

    I worked in GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe man, many years ago. I do believe that certain supplements can be beneficial. Our food is not what it once was, to say the least. All that aside, most people are looking for some quick fix. They’re both clueless and lazy. I had so many fatties over the years ask me for a “fat-burning pill”. I wanted to laugh in their face, then smack them repeatedly a few times, finished off with an ear pull & twist. Well, I needed the job at the time so I had to pass on the temptation. I honestly told them the pill was NOT their answer. Denial, laziness, and stupidity always led them to ignore my suggestion. They’d buy a “magical pill” anyway, as if to fool themselves into thinking it would work despite my honesty and candidness. Folks, we have some DUMB & LAZY f u c k e r s crawling around this planet…you’ve no idea.

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