Building functional strength

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Johnny Grube using a 100lb heavy bag for functional strength

Building real life functional strength can be fun
and effective at the same time.

I like to use a old heavy bag. The reason is you
can grip a sand bag, but not a heavy bag, making it
harder to lift.

Making it harder to lift means using more muscles
which means more strength and better body awareness.

The more muscles you need to use will give you more
strength from all angles. So when you do grab a hold
of someone they will know and feel real power.

For a great workout try this workout and do it for
100 yards as fast as you can. Rest 1 minute then come
back. Try and beat my time for a 100 yards 3:30

Get Tough, Stay Tough

Johnny Grube

P.S. If you want this type of strength order a copy
of the ” Backyard Functional Strength manual”

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