Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training




Johnny Grube’s gym.

This is how I love to train. Being one
with nature, fresh air and open areas.

Getting a great workout is as
easy as opening a door and going

The great thing about using outdoors
as your gym, it’s free and you will always
a place to train.

Another great thing about outdoor
training is almost everything around
you can be used as equipment.

Bodyweight training and different types
of equipment like playgrounds, benches,
rocks, sandbags, logs can be used for a
kick-ass workout.

You can make bodyweight training as
easy or as difficult as you want to. My
advice is to keep everything as easy
as possible.

Keep it simple. Work hard. Sweat.
Never give up.

Train this way you will burn fat and
build lean athletic muscle for any sport
or just for everyday life.


Sprint for 1 minute-walk 1 minute
repeat 3 times.

Sprint for 30 seconds-walk 30 seconds.
repeat 3 times.

Sprint for 15 seconds-walk 15 seconds.
repeat 3 times.

Walk for 2 minutes. Then repeat.

Get Tough, Stay Tough

Johnny Grube



  1. Looks more fun than going to the gym I’ll tell you that. I just jogged around the neighborhood and I enjoyed myself much more than I would on a treadmill. I’ll definitely try this workout sometime.

  2. In the joint most of our training was on the yard in Susanville, CA. So in winter it would snow crazy amounts and in summer over 100 degrees. They call it the High Desert of CA, and thats the name of the prison too.

    Outdoor training was awesome! Even in the snow!! Even in the heat!! Out doors is where it’s at.

    When we were on lockdown we’d train in our cells, etc.

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