Americas kids are soft and weak

Americas kids are soft and weak





I was watching real sports on t.v
and they did a segment on eliminating
dodge ball in schools.

The reason is their winners and losers.
Yeah, that’s life. You are either a winner
or a loser.

These people that are trying to take
competition out of school, hell why
bother sending your kids to school
why not keep them home and home
school your kids if you want them
to be a delicate flower.

I got an idea. Toughen your kid up.
Get them ready for life. To live in
real life you need to have a thick

Basically people that support no
competition in sports or in anything
were pushed around sissies and they
usually grow up and raise sissies.

We all want our kids to be safe in school
but at what cost. There is a school that
eliminated tag, instead they play shadow
tag. That’s where you step on the shadow,
they actually went to a no touching school
no high fives no hand shaking. What is
going on.

We are raising a nation of sissies and we
need to let kids be kids. Kids are going
to win and lose. They will fall and get
cuts and scrapes.

If we continue this these kids will never
be able to handle the smallest situation
and at the first sign of failure and
embarrassment they will lose control
and who knows what will happen.

Get Tough, Stay Tough

Johnny Grube


  1. more importantly, we nee boys to turn into men.

  2. I agree. Working out is a must. It should be mandatory unless someone has a legit health concern.

  3. I believe it’s all about making people weak so they are easily controlled.

  4. BodyweightReallyIsBetter says

    Yup, you’re 100% correct. I’m a former school teacher, so I can confirm what you’ve said. It’s a faggy world we live in now. I blame the liberals. It’s this whiney, faggy, weak group of people who push for this nonsense. They want everyone to love everyone and everyone to be equal. They all live on fantasy island, BUT their faggy thoughts are affecting how our society is becoming, so it’s serious business.

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