I'm a big jack ass

I’m a big jack ass





Why am I jackass ? According to many people
I’m rude and am hurtful. The fact is I tell it like
it is.

I always have. I make the choice to do what I
want and say what I want.The reason is the

questions I get, and how I answer them.

The problem is once people think they no the
answer, no matter how stupid it is, they will
not change their mind, even after they have
the right answer.These men and women are
stupid asses and I won’t answer anymore
stupid questions.

You can’t bring better health to people that
really don’t want it. Just like you telling someone
they shouldn’t smoke. Well you got to die from

Yeah nothing like spending 6 dollars a day to
kill yourself you might as well climb to the

roof and jump.These are the same people
that would rather buy cigarettes and booze
then spend money on food for their kids.

The reason I’m telling you this is we are

far and few and we need to stick together.
And to the people that just go through their
lives with no moral values, your killing us,
oh well-it’s your life.

I’m around formally educated men and women

all day and am always surprised how dumb
some really are. I here complaint after
complaint and not one talks about a solution.

As a matter of fact, I work for a company,

but I won’t say the name, just that
“what can brown do for you”( hint.)

The funny things most of the men and

women are sick, they have high blood
pressure, anxiety, panic attacks, depression,
diabetes and are overweight.And what do
they do about ?

Drink tons of coffee, eat hot dogs, candy and

every Friday they get donuts and coffee. Is
there a wonder why theyhave these problems.
caffeine and sugar.This is the way most live.

We need to stay on top and continue to be the

elite and push and push and push some more.
We need to live by example.We need to stop
sugar coating the situation.
It’s the simple things that bring the big results.
It’s not about the six pack abs or the 18 inch arms
or running10 miles a day, it’s about real health
and being physically fit.

That’s my rant for the week.

Get Tough, Stay Tough
Johnny Grube


  1. Dude, I love your way of speaking. I have always believed that a man who wont tell it like it is is more or less a liar. If you sugar coat everything and dont tell people what they need to hear you are lying

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