Punch Proof Core Training!

I believe in short workouts, doing all you can in the shortest time you give yourself.

Working out an hour a day, at a slow pace, helps you work at a slow pace.

Dangerous situations happen fast and don’t last very long, but leave wreckage in their path!

I try to explain this often, but few pay attention.

I condition myself for toughening the mind and body, to create a body that can absorb punches and kicks, so I can continue to fight!

I have allowed people for years to punch and kick me, people seem to like hitting other people with permission, even funnier when bigger guys take a shot and I make them look like a child just hit me.


1×50 Kneeling Ab Wheel Rollouts.

1×50 Flutter Kicks wearing 5 lb ankle weights on each ankle.

Most people will not finish this, but give it a try!

My goal was 2 minutes, finished in 2:06!

Yes, I have been a party and barbecue favorite for years, and remember, I haven’t had any booze in about 23 years, so you know I’m just having fun!

Johnny Grube


  1. Funny, yesterday I did 2 x 100 kneeling ab wheel rollouts along with other workouts. And I don’t even train that much with the ab wheel. Simplicity goes a long way.

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