They either love me or hate me.

They either love me or hate me.

Some of the men out there will drop me an
email every so often about someone saying
good things about me and bad things.

Most of it comes from forums. This goes to
show everyone I was right. People that spend
all day reading and posting on forums either
are unemployed or weak. Not to mention most
of them are a sorry excuse for a man.

I tell it like it is. I will only say things I can back up
with proof. I will not do things just because some
jackass says I can’t.

I did read a post that said I couldn’t be pushing the
car with my arms because my feet would be all over
the place, and that if you look close you can see the
exhaust. Yeah dumb ass the motor was on. You can
still put a car in neutral with the engine on.

What about the other things like pulling a car with the
power wheel or one arm ring pushups, I don’t see anyone
doing these.

I love when people say you can get these types of workouts
for free on the web, yeah no shit what can’t you get for free
on the web.

These men are cheap ass weak men that spend all day thinking
of what to say about the next guy. Back in my day you trained
and then you trained some more.

Today’s youth are weak and soft and not one can be considered
a real man, they have no idea how soft they really are. So to all
the forum faggots out there, know what you are talking about
before you speak or just might get your ass kicked by a real

As a matter of fact I might be one of the only men out there
that actually knows what functional fitness really is. All my
life I’ve flipped tires, used sledge hammers pushed thousands
of pounds in a wheel barrow, and load- load after load of
truck tires lifted millions of pounds of freight by hand and
then some in areas where the temperature was well over
100 degrees.

And after working all day hard I always found time to train.
Not like today’s men, to tired to do anything.

Get Tough, Stay Tough

Johnny Grube


  1. lloyd bradford (brad) syke says

    what a pity you have to despoil all your good work with a homophobic rant, so narrowly and mistakenly defining what a man is. you do our whole gender a gross disservice. I’m tempted to charcterise your remarks as neanderthal, but that would be to insult that fine, intelligent, sensitive species.

  2. F@ckin A right! Great article!

  3. to lloyd bradford, your comment is idiotic. u say all this crap cuz your probably gay yourself, there is nothing homophobic metioned above, on the contrary i agree completely with what johnny says

  4. Brad must be unemployed…..

    I have been way to busy to ever say the huge difference your input has made on my life and several around me who have subscribed to other “ways” to physical fitness.

    I am an Retired Army Ranger.

    I have in the field done PT using only my body weight.
    I knew it worked never understood why.
    I got into typical “workouts” that accomplished little, I looked good but lacked the power that I had in the day.

    Now I have strength and agility some of my friends who are bigger “Looking” cannot match.

    Thanks for helping me leave them scratching their heads wondering what they are doing wrong!

  5. Saying “forum faggots” isn’t homophobic in this context.. And who cares if he is a homophobe? He’s not running for Senate, he’s showing you how to get in shape – eat the meat and spit out the bones!

    Johnny.. I just came across your site and implemented one of your routines into my daily work out.. you kicked my ass!! haha Thanks for the challenge! Don’t let people get you down, you’re inspiring people to become healthy which is a miracle in our fat-ass country.

  6. Why does everything have to be a political issue? He wasn’t referring to gay people, he was just using slang to make a point. Why do people have to be so damn uptight all the time? Fact is, I’m a 40 yr old who makes most “men” 15 yrs my junior look weak and about 80% of my workouts are inspired from John’s books. Keep kicking ass John.

  7. Your article is awesome! I completly agree with everything especilly the youth being soft and weak. I noticed that at my college there are many my age and older who are soft and weak. Knowing that I could easily do my classes, go work a 6 hour shift after that and then still have the energy to workout gives me pride.

  8. Right on, Johnny. Thanks for all the great info and telling it like it is. By the way your new book, “Ultimate Fitness” is great.

  9. Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Thank you so much, However I am encountering problems
    with your RSS. I don’t understand the reason why I can’t subscribe to it.
    Is there anybody else getting identical RSS
    issues? Anyone who knows the solution can you kindly respond?

  10. On my blog I mentioned my 1000 kettlebell swing challenge. Maybe I should add a 1000 burpee challenge? There should be a good carry over from one to the other, what do you guys think?
    The article is BTW not homophobic, it only goes up against the all touchy-feely society, we are living in: don’t overtrain, you poor thing, take it easy etc.
    I find it rather inspiring to challenge yourself. Keep pushing yourself and never stop! Great article.

  11. anthony romayo says

    For the doubters out there, car pushing is a well known
    Strength builder. The only difference here is that
    Doing the pushing with his hands. Total opposite from the norm and
    A great feat of functional strength.I say try the methods before you

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