Try this fast fat burning workout.

Try this fast fat burning workout.

To burn the most fat as fast as possible is
to train in short explosive bursts.

You need a jump rope and a place to do
short20 to 30 yard sprints. A running track,
a tennis court, a basketball court, you get the

Jump rope as fast as possible 100 times, drop
the rope and sprint as fast as possible for 20
to 30 yards-walk back. Rest 15 to 30 seconds
then repeat.

Do this for 10 to 15 sets. It’s a fat burning ass

Johnny Grube


  1. anthony romayo says

    I’m no newcomer to working out but am very impressed with the fast results these workouts are producing.Like many I gave up lifting weights 2 years ago to try to master my bodyweight.although I’ve made good progress, these workouts are awesome.I love the book and will keep training this way.

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