4,300 Pushups!

4,300 Pushups!

Why is it when anyone tells it like it is or tries to be him or herself
right away they either have an attitude are arrogant are rude etc.

I’m fighting with all the excuses know to man, the body wears
down, be careful you don’t get injured I don’t have the time,
that type of training doesn’t work for everyone, I didn’t create
these workouts.

Every year I do a birthday feat trying to match the number
of my years this year on a snow cover tennis court I did
4,300 pushups for my 43rd birthday in under 2 hours
, no elbow or shoulder pain just sore triceps and chest.

If I was making videos of me doing dead lifts and bench pressing
or using gymnastic rings I would be on to something, but because
of my loud, crude writing and arrogant tone, I can’t be for real.

Anyhow I wasn’t going to post it, why?  Because, it’s impossible
to do that many; right? Jack Lalanne could do crazy birthday feats
but how can I or who do I think I am to try this, what an ego.

Here is a fact, I have read a ton every bull shit exercise books
and very few are worth reading, most are for the everyday man,
these books will work as long as they promote exercise and health
they will work, but for the person that is conditioned far beyond most
there is a void for these men that want to go farther.

I decided to push harder and start attempting world records, and
who would be a better teacher than someone who has held
200 world records, Paddy Doyle. He changed my life as far
as the way I train.

I have said it before I don’t sit at a desk while my body gets rest,
I work physically and train, that’s what I do I never worry about my
body breaking down; but do listen to my body, excuses and being
narrow minded is the problem for most, just because something
sounds impossible doesn’t mean it is.

It was impossible to break 4 minutes in the mile, Roger Bannister
broke it and then it became possible, now it’s broke all the time,
why? Because someone else did it, that’s what I do I find
something I can do and go about doing it.

Everyone starts somewhere and if you sit around figuring
out how it CAN’T be done instead of how it CAN be done
you are letting yourself down, give up now.

Most of the greatest books I own are from regular hard core men
that wrote their workouts and put them in a book when it comes to
books money is no object it’s not the ink and paper I pay for
it’s the knowledge, the other persons view.

I love the crude writing styles I can careless about spelling, type,
run on sentences, I want the wisdom. I want to be the best I
can be and want to learn and study the best. I really am not
interested in the new technologies and hybrid training systems
I believe in old school I believe that there is not much to
working hard and sweating and pushing hard to achieve at a
much higher level.

When it comes to my education I will almost pay anything,
the men that will complain about the price of a book but
will spend money on fingerless 1980’s weight lifting gloves,
underarmor, the best running shoes money can buy, but
guess what ?  None of that will help your level of fitness.

These same complainer’s will spend a ton of money on
booze and women some donuts, they will spend money
on equipment that they think will give them the edge;
but they can’t figure it out, that they still need to work
and sweat.

Offer a book that can change their life they won’t buy,
they will talk and post about the price of things but will
always look for the cheapest way out, and it’s because
they are not real students.

People get better every day, most won’t get out of their
own way and will continue to complain and find reasons
that it can’t or won’t be done.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Johnny,

    Wow, awesome, keep that up. Totally amazing, 4300 PU’s!

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