Training Incest!

If you aren’t following what the majority of society believes, you are a bad person for having different opinions.

It goes the same in today’s fitness culture.

Every fitness or strength book is the same, nothing different other than the author.

People are getting strong for lifts in the gym, for looking in the mirror, or to build size that is useless for anything outside the gym.

I know the exercises that have outside benefit, and know the ones that have little or no effect outside the gym.

Been training in and out of the gym 38 years, and I know the waste.

I got better results from living a nontraditional gym lifestyle, and living a more functional outside, survival, manual labor lifestyle.

I put out workouts no one else does, they are completely different from most others.

Trainers and strength coaches teach the same stuff.

10 different exercises with a rep scheme like 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2

The reason men spend so much time in the gym they lack daily physical activity outside the gym.

We have become a sit down country!

We need to train our bodies as one unit, by body hardening, explosive movement, and conditioning.

Getting off the floor as fast as possible then jumping or sprinting is valuable.

Grabbing something and violently throwing it, is valuable.

Jumping rope keeps a man young, and quick.

Isometrics hardens the body making it punch and kick proof.

A workout you can try is:

Jump rope 50 times and violently throw a heavy bag one time

Do it for 10 minutes.

Doing as many rounds as possible.

I did 16 rounds 1,300 jumps and 16 throws in about 10 minutes then finished with an isometric horse stance bear hugging a 70 lb heavy bag for one minute!

Nothing out there like it, I bring the pain with short, explosive training the way life intends it to be.

Toughen Up, or Shut Up!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    High reps build endurance strength that is basically a “secret” from the traditional gym training.

  2. Yeah, if you don’t follow the herd, you’re “crazy”. Why would you care about anything but watching grown men play sports games?

  3. Doing your own thing means taking responsibility and that frightens a lot of people nowadays

  4. I just wanted to say that I think this is the best all around post you have ever posted. After reading all the other “gurus” routines about working out up to an hour a day, and getting totally exhausted from trying to follow their impossible routines, your goldmine post came to view, and it was written especially for guys like me, up in years who want to stay in shape without killing themselves, doing routines non-stop for 30 minutes, who are they kidding? Anyway, this is the post that solved my workout dilemma:

    My four exercises are simply high knees, pushups, mountain climbers, squats, done as instructed with one minute rest between exercises and a two minute rest between circuits. Total time 17 minutes, a complete all around workout. I follow this with a brisk 15 minute walk, and do about 5 minutes of stretches afterwards. I have lost unwanted blubber and feel years younger than my age, 78.

  5. Awesome job Bob! You continue to inspire!

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