50 Superman Pushups on Pushup Bars!

My workouts have gotten different over time, I eliminated anything that
doesn’t fit with my goals. The mass fitness industry and the people have
fucked it up! For years I followed the gym philosophies and all other
training protocols just to find out that most exercises have little cross
over to the outside world.

The Superman Pushup is a REAL strength builder for the entire body. This
exercise forces ALL muscles to work as one, if not you don’t get off the ground.

Exercises like this are beneficial to all forms of physical activity, things like
the bench press is useless unless used in competition.

I no longer want to hear from people who have NO EXPERIENCE or are
to produce anything of worth, who want to give their opinion.

I will continue to refine my training to the most basic for the biggest results.

Men that talk shit and how strong they are, but hurt themselves doing minimal
physical activity outside the gym. Training to become durable and strong in
every area outside the gym is my only agenda.

Strength Builds Toughness
Johnny Grube

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