500 Reps – 55 lb Back Pack Builds A Strong Back and Legs And Keeps A Man Tough!

If anyone doesn’t know I write for myself. I write the things I would want to read. To many write for everyone, I hate reading non offensive books.

I look for real men who have done more outside the gym than inside the gym, a kick ass philosophy!

Most gym guys aren’t hard in the gym, they think they are, but they are more pathetic outside the gym when its time to show their toughness!

I curse and that offends people, but I write like I talk, so why change it up? I don’t booze, take drugs, any prescriptions or over the counter medications, so get over the cursing!

Anyhow, men can always improve, but they need toughness, a never give up attitude, they need a kick ass philosphy, of never turning and running!I

And NEVER fucking listening to people who can’t do what you do, who isn’t doing as good as you, who can’t prove anything!

Fuck lip service, unless you want a fat lip!

A brutal workout is deadlifting a non traditional object like a 55 lb back pack and go as long as you can, go for numbers or time, but go like your life depended on it!

Rest when you need to, then do a little more, then a little more, NEVER rest just to rest!

Using a 55 lb back pack, 12″ stools and doing the best I can for my 10 minute goal of 500 in 10 minutes, even though I failed to do 500 in 10 minutes, but did complete the 500 in 10:15 and I’m happy with that!

First 250 done non stop in under 4 minutes!

27,500 lbs or 12.5 Tons in under 10 minutes.

Tough no matter how conditioned you think you are.


250 lbs 110 reps

300 lbs 92 reps

400 lbs 69 reps

500 lbs 55 reps

Remember in 10 minutes @ a bodyweight of 160 lbs

This exercise is tough and will build physical and mental toughness, it’s a tough conditioning workout.

You don’t need to respect the light weight, but the fact 12.5 tons was moved in 10 minutes is world class!

Remember I don’t train or train people for living and can still out do and out work most men!

Men do heavy weight because its easier than doing a lot of reps, big muscles require more effort and high reps change everything, you can’t fight if you can’t breathe!

Most men have weak back and legs, strong back and legs build durability, and physical and mental toughness!

Johnny Grube


  1. High reps are a big thing in my workouts. Yesterday, I did 220 push ups and 600 squats without stopping. Having lots of conditioned strength, who knows how far I can go.

  2. @Johnny Grube

    Is it a good idea to do curls with a backpack? Because I have this idea of doing high rep curls due to the fact that my biceps are my weakest link in bodyweight training, and doing high rep backpack curls will get them strong.

  3. To add, I don’t go full range of motion so my biceps have more tension and I remember that a prisoner did 600 curls, you posted it on your blog. Also, my backpack isn’t excessively heavy, it’s about right to lift for high reps.

  4. @Marovsky:

    why not do pull ups, chin ups or rope climb?

  5. @Troy

    Oh nevermind then, I will do pull ups then.

  6. @Marovsky

    I would say pullups is a better option for sure but carrying odd objects infront of you I believe is far superior above pullups or curls when it comes to biceps

  7. @Chuck

    Thanks for your advice man.

  8. @Marovsky

    No problem anytime.

    Even tho i drive , many times I will walk to the market and walk home with 24pks of water just for the workout . My biceps would be insanely pumped afterward . Anytime I carry heavy objects infront of my body my biceps get a hell of a workout along with the rest of my body

  9. @Chuck

    Oh I see, I will try to replicate it in the future.

  10. @marovsky and chuck:

    right, i forgot about that one. its basically a long isometric curl, if you want to put it that way, you could also squat or lunge with the held weight.

  11. @troy

    Aight, I will try it, thanks for the help guys.

  12. @troy


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