Locking Down Society For People Who Lived Their Lives, And For People That Don’t Care About Their Lives!

In our fucked society where weak men have given up their rights afraid of getting sick and using this as an excuse to collect government handouts, I know the money is OUR tax dollars being given back, but most men have no strength or no pride!

I think that if you are following the government shutdown and are conforming why not take the fat and sick and restrict their food choices, especially if they are using tax dollars to destroy themselves!

I sat in tractor supply parking lot with my 5 year old grandson getting ready to buy some mulch and watched this “Hog” walking up ironically to the ” Hog Trough” and I HAD to take the picture!

I laughed and my grandson laughed! Yup, I’m teaching him that living this way is unhealthy and selfish!

After I took this picture driving home I watched a young fat pig with pink hair walking and dancing across the street wearing a half shirt her enormous gut hanging out with stretch marks that looked like a roadmap! 

Research shows this “Pandemic” is basically a lifestyle virus , people are still eating excessive processed foods, and yet people are staying indoors, eating junk food, drinking soda and a lot of booze!

Unlike most that post training videos I ‘m showing people how easy it is to get in a workout yet most still have no idea that you can train without a commercial gym!

Yes, I like breaking balls, I don’t feel bad for these people, why should I they did it to themselves. 

I don’t care when people commit suicide or die of a illegal drug overdose, why should I be concerned for people who didn’t care about themselves?




  1. Fuck these fat asses!

  2. The Internet says

    Stop polluting me!

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