And You Think Supporting Your Family Is Tough!



  1. Hi Johnny. Been getting you newsletter and bought you books a few years ago. Great stuff. Do you hit it hard every day or do you vary the intensity in your workouts? I can see your point about laborers and farmers working every day and getting strong. Do ever taper a bit to allow some recovery time?


  2. Hey Johnny my name is Shakur I have been watching some of your videos on youtube and I have been thinking about your views on being physically and mentally strong and I have to say that I am impressed and in awe of your work. You are straight to the point and the training you do is simple but brutal and I have to say that there are many timed that I run out of ideas in terms of training. I most definitely plan on buying your books and reading about your training. I want to be able to achieve the level of fitness you have and beyond. If there is any info you have on becoming more powerful I would definitely appreciate the info. Thank you and God bless

  3. Hi Johnny! My name is Matthew from South Africa and would like to know if you had any manual on pushup holds exercises,leg raises holds exercises,horse stance holds exercises,handstand holds exercises and hold exercises that lead to strength for supporting my family on two chairs. If you do,please send me a full size order form to order through money transfer coz I don’t have either a credit card or paypal account to my name. Thank you a lot Mr Grube and a response would be nice.

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