60 seconds of training burns out man!

A while back I wrote a article called the ” 60 second – 30 day pushup challenge” and
know this works. Anyhow, I have actually heard and read where some guy actually
said he was burned out with only 1 minute a day of pushups, are you F***’en kidding

How can any healthy man, unless he is extremely unfit or unhealthy get burned out
with 60 seconds of pushups one time a day? 1 minute of work, that’s 23 hours and 59
minutes of rest, how can that out burn any man out?

If one minute is to much training for any normal man or women climb to the top
of the nearest building and jump because you are a lazy, excuse making weak
pathetic man. If this is the case tuck you your dick and balls between your legs
and get used to walking around like this.

If your body is this De – conditioned spend all your time ordering equipment
from television, if 1 minute is to tough you may not be able to handle the shake

I will tell you 60 seconds of pushups can be tough, but tell me how you burn out,
and if this is you, I feel sorry for your wife or girlfriend because there is no way
you are keeping her happy. Maybe you fuckĀ  for 20 secondsĀ  and rest for 10 seconds
for a whole minute, you are the man.

Come on, if you have a problem with 60 seconds be a man and keep working!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Doing pushups once a day for 60 seconds would not burn you out. But once I tried doing this 5-6 times per day, and doing them this way every day was a little much. So now I do them 60 seconds morning and evening and am making progress, along with 60 seconds morning and evening of situps and deep knee bends. If you go to complete failure day after day, you could reach a plateau eventually, and this could be cosidered a sort of burnout. It all depends on what is meant by “burnout”. We all don’t look at things the same way. Ciao.

  2. I don’t think you should go to complete failure. I think that stopping just short of failure, and leaving a little gas in the tank is the way to go.

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