7 Minutes Of Toughness

7 Minutes of toughness.

Just another version of a tough isometric exercise combo that will test your physical and mental toughness.

7 Minutes of isometrics with a 25 lb back pack will get you thinking about and show you where your weakness is.

It’s important to suffer, and to not give in once you set a time limit.

I will keep pushing isometric training because it’s so valuable and forgotten by most of the fitness culture.

Isometrics are and have always been part of any laborers lifestyle.

There are story after story of strong men that never stepped in the gym.

Labor doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the size of the man, you are either tough enough or you find other softer work.

Wearing a 25 lb back pack and standing in a Isometric Horse stance for only four minutes will be pain enough. Now drop down and get on your knuckles and hold a Isometric pushup hold for three minutes.

This had my body shaking and sweating, fast.

I know people have no interest in Isometric training because you don’t build big massive muscles, it looks boring, and doesn’t look good in the mirror.

Isometrics will always be known about, but will only be known about, because people just won’t use them.

If men used Isometrics to recover from injury instead of bragging about injury, they would recover faster and build more strength to help them become more durable.

Johnny Grube


  1. Thats my morning routine before work,5min horse stance,3min pushup stance,without weight though,great additional workout

  2. Marovsky says

    Looking good in the mirror doesn’t help you survive.

  3. @Maraovsky:
    great quote!!!

  4. These last few months I’ve been focusing more on the holds…You know, I have one for everynight..than on the high rep exercises. I’ve noticed that I feel lighter and more energized after the isometric holds. Also, I’m getting ‘thicker’. I’m thinking my fascia is getting developed or something – it’s not fat or bulky muscle. hmmm?

  5. I’m curious of your thoughts on the back bridge too you guys. I know you’re aware of it and also that it’s a ‘vulnerable’ position (quite unnatural too). I certainly wouldn’t do it in jail but, right before bed, it zens me out. It has aggravated my Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) though…that’ll never go away for me, it’s been 15 years, but I can tell when it’s better or worse. Should I keep it in the repertoire?

  6. @nance,i do it occasionaly,no side affects,maybe u should control it with hands at the begining

  7. Nance, I used to do back bridges but feel they aren’t necessary for my lifestyle. I do use front neck rolls and neck Isometrics.

    But, if they work for you do them.

  8. @Johnny Grube

    I clearly agree with your motto, if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle why do it. That motto is very true . I have become the same way . I do no more pointless exercises that do not benefit my lifestyle . I train now to enhance my work which is manual labor and I train to fight . Lots of Heavybag work . I don’t see the point in doing a ton of exercises that won’t benefit me in the real world . You definitely woke me up to this John. You’re truly making a difference out here always know that . Thanks for all you do brother

  9. Thanks Brother!

  10. Marovsky says

    Shit, isometrics are brutal as fuck. Tried the 7 min of torture, fucked up on the horse stance, but I redeemed myself in the push up hold, followed by a 20 sec mid push up hold.

  11. I’m glad you’re doing them, and they are tough for you, great job!

  12. Thank You for the input. They do work for me and I’m surprised at how little time it took for my neck and back to become stronger…I could hold the bridge without hands for a bit but it didn’t feel solid, or comfortable. After a week straight, it’s actually relaxing to complete, helps me zonk out and sleep well so I suppose I’ll keep them.

    I do the high bridge on hands, neck, and then finish off with front bridge. 5-10 minutes it takes before bed.

    That horse and samson chair have alleviated all my tendonitis symptoms in my knee! It’s one of those things that you’re just going about your day and have a flash of insight, “Holy Fuck! My knees aren’t tender and achy anymore!” I love it.

  13. Tony riley says

    Hi johnny, isometrics as you say are underrated & overlooked but they do build muscle because of the time under tension

  14. Yes they do.

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