Infomercial diets and the solution

Infomercial diets and the solution

 Today I was watching a new infomercial for a new eating plan. Well, not a new concept
just a different person talking about food combining. Meaning if you combine the right
foods you can eat what ever you want brownies, cookies, pizza you will speed up your
metabolism and lose weight.

 They will tell that you can eat what you want and people will believe that they can eat
like this all the time and if you want you can, but only small portions. And by the way
aren’t these the things your hooked on in the first place ?

 If you weren’t you wouldn’t be on a diet you did not put on weight eating lots and lots
of fruits and vegetables and eating lean protein You put it on eating excessive processed
foods and not exercising or not enough exercise.

 But these programs don’t help the real problem, it’s not the food, its you putting the
food in your mouth, and you are probably doing it emotionally that’s the reason
most are over weight. Its from emotional eating and this goes for men and women,
we eat for a lot of reasons most are all emotional.

Think about most of the time you eat. Take a social gathering for example, almost
anywhere you go there is a ton of food and we all feel compelled to eat and this
becomes the problem. If you take a second and think about why you are eating, are
you hungry or are you board or stressed. You figure it out.

 See the problems I have with diets and most eating plans is they aren’t for real people,
these eating and diet programs are for people that can spend all day at home eating and
cooking. Maybe some people can stay home all day and eat six small meals a day or maybe
they have a personal chef or maybe they have the freedom to leave their job go home and
eat. But for most people, you know this is not the case. People by nature are lazy that’s
why processed food, packaged food are the biggest sellers it’s all about taking the easy fast

If you are like most it’s constant moving through the day work, family, sports some working
more then one job, so how do you follow these eating plans ?

The fact these eating plans don’t usually solve the problem long term. If you are over weight
it’s because you are eating to much and not burning enough calories, don’t worry about the
wash board abs and the slimmer thighs that comes with time, not over night – and stop
wondering why you haven’t lost 50 lbs in a week it took you a long time to put it on- it will
take a little time to take it off.

In the beginning of almost any exercise program and eating plan you will lose weight rapidly,
because your body is not used to exercise and will respond quick in the beginning; but once your
body finds out what’s going on it will slow your progress. But don’t stop. Change your exercise
program up and eat a little better and you will continue to your goal.

 Here’s the best way to eat during the day in my opinion, carry your lunch with you, fruits,
vegetables, hard boiled eggs, nuts, seeds and drink a lot of water. Eating this way will keep
energy levels high you won’t be tempted to eat foods that have got you into the trouble
in the first place.

 When you do get home get in some exercise. Eat a sensible meal. This will work every time.
Energy remains high, fat flies off, done deal.

 Quick fat lose workout that will take only a few minutes.

 You need a jump rope or you can do jumping jacks.

 Jump rope 100 times as fast as possible – drop down and do 25 pushups

Try this for 5 to 10 sets it will put a beaten on you. Finish with 100 crunches

 Total 1,000 rope skips – 250 pushups – 100 crunches

 As always let me know your comments and if this helped.

 Toughness builds Winners

 Johnny Grube

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  1. hey there jhonny
    another excellent post, I read all of your posts and loved the herbs section.
    everything is so true and real amazing. I have been trying and eating natural for almost a year now, and the results have been amazing the craziest part is whenever I try and eat something full of garbage crap like cola or pakaged chips I naturally puke them, the body revolts.
    keep posting more often man, I love the workout ideas.
    god bless.

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