A 10 Minute Isometric Physical and Mental Toughness Builder.

When I demonstrate a short workout it’s for the viewer, is it boring?

Yup, I wouldn’t watch a guy do 10 minutes of Isometrics.

So, Why do I video my entire workouts?

The first reason is show people that I can do what I ask others to try, second it allows others to see the struggle of the short workout.

Most people’s workouts are more about rest, than actual work.

Most people’s workouts are longer, but with longer breaks then actual training.

When people breathe heavy, they rest. When people’s muscles become fatigued they rest.

When people feel fatigue they quit!

Fatigue fuels weakness, it weakens the mind and body.

But, simple Isometrics will show you how weak you are.

Try this:

Hold the Horse Stance holding a 15 lb dumbbells arms locked at 90° for five minutes.

Then Drop into:

A Pushup position on your knuckles for another five minutes for a total of 10 minutes!

I guarantee most will be to physically and mentally weak to complete 10 minutes.

You will breathe heavy and your body will shake, trying to keep you up.

The goal is to set yourself a time and do what ever possible to reach you time limit!

Minds and bodies are made stronger with more muscle tension, with little to no rest involved.

Toughness and durability is what men are missing today.

If you have a big mouth working the keyboard, I know there is no chance you can finish a simple basic 10 Minute workout.

Keyboard Alphas are weak men, of less value!

Johnny Grube


  1. Damn brotherman, people have been hating on you lately. SOh well, more fuel for the fire. Proof is in the pudding. “People will forgive you for most anything except being successful.”

  2. Weak men will break attempting this workout. Only conditioning they have over us is finger endurance from over typing nonsense lol . Weak men are a God dam embarrassment. Great workout John . Thanks as always .

  3. No Nance, it’s one guy who used different email addresses. Pathetic weak men always hate.

  4. Marovsky says

    I’m gonna give this 10 min workout a try.

    Great article as always Grube.

  5. Marovsky I’m sure you can complete it, let me know how it works out.

  6. I’ll try this workout at work. But with a 35 lb wine case. Good post

  7. Marovsky says

    Johnny Grube, well shit that 10 min workout left me shaking. I was able to hold the horse stance for 5 min, but for the push up hold, I fucked up twice. I dropped two times, but got back up, determined to finish it even though I knew I fucked up. I used my backpack as extra resistance to give it a little spice. I did the mid push up hold for an extra 15 secs to make up for messing up on the push up hold.

  8. Marovsky, Awesome work! Harder than it looks.

  9. I know this works. For certain. Has helped me recover from injuries and just “feel” stronger.

  10. I did that workout and had two days off work.. Thanks Johnny.

  11. So it was effective?

  12. Yes. Couldn’t walk the next day. The wife served me breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed.. I might cut the time down and build up.. Thanks mate.

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