A 100 lb heavy bag and a mountain – Functional strength

Functional strength seems to be on a lot of peoples minds, for the
level fitness they believe they will get from this type of training.

I put a new video up showing an exercise you can do using a heavy
bag in the video I use a 100 lb heavy bag. I like to use heavy bags
because it takes a lot more to control then a sand bag. A heavy bag is
hard to get a hold of, a sand bag you can get some kind of grip a
heavy bag is tougher to handle.

If you think using a heavy bag for resistance isn’t tough use it, try to
handle it as you become more tired and you can’t seem to get a hold
of it. Try carrying one of these on your shoulder for a mile or carry it
up a hill or like I did up a rocky covered mountain.

I carried it up the mountain without putting it down once, then I showed
a quick exercise you could do then I had to walk back down the mountain
with the 100 lb heavy bag to the car without putting it down.

You may think that walking down the hill is easier, but you need to be able to control
the weight of the bag and watch where you step, it’s tough. But it builds real
functional strength.

Carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder is tough because of the shear bulk a
sand bag conforms to your shoulder and will just stay there, a heavy bag will
roll off your shoulder meaning you need to keep it up on your shoulder with
strength if you relax it will roll off.

And carrying 80 to 100 lbs on your shoulder is a lot different then carrying a back
pack with weight in it

Use your environment as your training ground, and see the level of fitness you can
build just by getting a little nuts and doing things different then everyone else.

Like I said train like everyone else and get the same results that everyone else gets.

Johnny Grube on top the mountain- Who wants to climb up here and knock me off?

You can get an idea how high I am by looking at the view, and the wind. It was real tough climbing
I was beat.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube



  1. Thanks for writing such an eay-sto-understand article on this topic.


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  2. […] A 100 lb heavy bag and a mountain – Functional strength | WildmanTraining.com […]

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