A 35 lb Rock picked up and pressed 807 times!

I like to take one day a week in my training and do what I call a “Mental Toughness Day”

I feel most people that train don’t push themselves enough. Of course every single person
that trains will tell you they work hard! They know what it’s like to push hard. The more and
more I talk to the average muscle head and listen to his training workouts and with my years
of being in the gym, most have no idea what mental toughness is.

Mental toughness is not a few heavy sets followed by the walk in front of the mirror hitting
a triceps pose on the way to the water fountain and back. I found training your mind and body
past your self imposed limits actually give you an invincible mindset that is hard to beat!

If we just train to a little discomfort how will we ever get better? People that push themselves
farther then their limits are capable of great things. These people have a ” I’d rather die then
give up”  attitude.

My workout was to take a 35lb rock and pick it up and press it over head 807 times in 1 hour
taking about 15 second break the entire hour to wipe down and get a swig of water.

This bettered my 500 times last week in 37 minutes. Picking up a rock and pressing overhead
throwing it down and repeating 800 times is very brutal, it is very mentally and physically

So what can you do to push yourself farther then yesterday!

Toughness Builds Winners
Johnny Grube


  1. One hour has 3600 seconds. You took a 15 sec. break, that makes it 3585 seconds. You lifted that rock 807 times in 3585 seconds, makes it (roughly) 4.5 seconds per rep. Without a break you could have lifted that rock 3 more times (15:4.5 sec. = roughly 3), makes it 810 reps in that whole hour. You misssed out on three reps for a wipe down and a sip of water – who needs that? Just joking, great performance and ultra tough! Always an inspiration for me!

  2. Nice math I felt the same way about the 15 second break and am kicking myself in the ass
    I got soft for a moment won’t happen again

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