Manual Labor Training – A Brutal 240 Hill Carry and Drag!

Don’t let the simplicity of the working man fool you, the work loads of a laborer
is amazing if anyone took the time to figure out the numbers. Most laborers
especially older labors were extremely strong in all areas, the down fall is
most laborers were bad eaters, smokers and heavy drinkers yet they continued
hard work to raise their families.

240 lb Hill Carry and Drag @ 165 lb Bodyweight

Old school laborers weren’t calling off work because they were sore after many
hours of abusing their bodies through constant physical movement. Yet, take
the average office worker who goes to the gym, this guy will probably eat better
and take better care of himself over all, because they are investing money to
go to the gym.

All being equal a labor will almost always be stronger than the average
worker, because more physical activity, the more the muscles work
the stronger
they get.

But take a laborer who DOES take care of himself, and who eats well and also
trains outside of his daily labor job and you get a different type of man, you get
a durable man, you get a tough man, you get a physically and mentally tough

In the video I tried this workout the first time and completed it! 40 lb weight vest
carrying 2 – 55 lb dumbbells, 20 lb ankle weights and dragging a 70 lb heavy bag.
and the ankle weights make you feel like you are walking in ankle deep snow or
loose sand.

Men should feel like they are less if they are physically and mentally
weak, because they are
less valuable to society! A weak man is
a liability, It’s like having to defend a woman!

This workout and other short all out workouts are more the manual labor type
workout work with someone like a furniture mover and a seasoned mover can
stand there holding a piece of furniture in different positions and handle steps
without much effort, take the average gym guy and he is breathing heavy in

These type of workouts will build great strength and amazing conditioning
the real outdoor world, if you can manage a hill with weight you will
have no
problem in almost any terrain!


Kick Ass and Get Brutally Tough!

Johnny Grube




  1. Yeah 3 shirts, heavy belly breathing and hip belt strapped up tight will protrude a belly
    32 waist I’m good!

  2. Spencer Clarkson says

    this puts into words what ive always thought. as a manual laborer myself, and someone who has trained in many ways since very young, ive always felt that im just plain old tougher than most and ive always surprised people with my strength, though not a huge man. at 200lbs bodyweight i can work all day, train my ass off for a couple hours and still take care of my responsibilites in life too.

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