A Brutal Pushup Workout.

A Brutal Pushup Workout

Do you know why most people start a exercise  program and
don’t follow through? #1 it’s not  that important to them and #2
they are confused as to what to do.

Most fitness experts like to show how smart they are and use
technical terms and most people don’t know what they are being told.

Keeping it simple is the best way for almost anything there are no short
cuts. You want to weigh less eat less and exercise more, it’s not that complicated.

Exercise isn’t that complicated either, just start to move be move active, not to
much to think about is there?

I think using your bodyweight is the most effective way of training. Using your
bodyweight uses many muscles at one time, and you will be able to get a quicker
workout that is very effective in a very short time.

The pushup is a great exercise that you can do so many things  with and the pushup
works so many muscles including the abs and legs.

So keep it simple, exercise, and eat less.

Now for the Brutal pushup workout.

It’s simple:

Do 50 pushups. take a short 15 second to 1 minute rest do 49 pushups, continue this
all the way to 1. It’s 50 sets and at the end 1275 pushups. It should take you less then
1 hour to do. My time 41 minutes. Beat it.

If you are less conditioned start with 20 or 25 pushups and work to 1. These are
tough workouts but a simple concept.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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