Bodyweight Training – A Conditioning Ripper Workout

A Conditioning Ripper Workout

I love keeping workouts simple and working hard and sweating in the name of physical
fitness. I love pushing and working to become as physically fit as possible, quitting
is never an option.

I want to share with you a workout that combines to of my favorite conditioning
exercise’s Jumping Rope and Burpees. I call this the ripper because just to finish
you will take a beaten,you will sweat and you will incinerate fat.

This is a serious conditioning workout that will test your level of physical
fitness and athletic ability at a high level.

The ripper workout:

You need a deck of cards, shuffle the deck good,it will be a matter of life or death.

Red – Jump Rope
Black – Burpees (w/o the pushup)

If you have used a deck of cards before and I’m sure most of you have this is different.

When you flip a RED CARD you add a zero to the number if you flip a 2 you do 20 if you
flip a 5 you skip rope 50 times if you flip a 10 you skip rope 100 times, all face
cards are 100.

All BLACK CARDS are Burpees, all are face value a 2 is 2 a 10 is 10 all face cards are 10 and
leave the joker in the deck it will be worth 12 for the Burpees.

When you finish you will have skipped rope 1,880 times and done 200 Burpees. Oh,
yeah did I mention there is a 30 minute time limit.

There is no time for rest and you better hope you shuffle good.

Try this and let me know what you think. Simple but you’ll get the point.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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  1. Hey John –

    Haven’t talked in awhile. Hope you are doing well. Can’t wait to try the Ripper workout. I’m sure it will kick in ass in no time flat! I constantly go back to your manual to try and improve my training. Still like to catch up with you for a phone consult sometime! Regards, Mike

  2. John,

    Feedback on: Conditioning Ripper workout with cards, jump rope and burpees

    Great idea for a workout! I really like jumping rope but would never consider jumping rope 1880 times in a workout. This was a great idea to do it.
    Time = 27:03

  3. Damn man, glad I found this workout, my abs are killing me today. Although once my time went of at 30 min I decided to keep going and finish the deck of cards.

    Thanks a lot for this idea. Might make up another workout with dice…maybe something with pull-ups, dips, sit ups, and body weight squats.

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